Certs & Degrees

You can earn an online certificate or degree from
Vision International University.  
A portion of your tuition will help support Refuge CMI's training of pastors and leaders on the mission field.

Field Seminars & Classes

We offer the following Seminars/Classes on the mission field and at your local church for your entire church staff:
EMPOWERED: Lay Leadership
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Uniquely You  (D.I.S.C. profiles with Spiritual Gifts)
Mission Preparation Workshops
Personal Evangelism/Witnessing
Pastoral/Church Leadership


Gain Christian based insight on how to manage and grow in the most important aspects of your life.  Coaching is offered in these areas:
Budgeting - Marital - Leadership
Step into the YOU God has designed.

Our Vision For

 - To offer free or low cost Bible-based training to pastors and leaders in Central America who may not have the time or the funding to attend a Bible college.

- To offer workshops to help ministry leaders be better equipped to minister in their local churches and communities in leadership roles.

- To offer certificate and degree programs through a partnership with Vision University. 

This website (Bible  History  Online)  is an unbelievable resource for Bible study.  It has online maps, Bible customs, charts, and a whole lot more. The website is a great resource for Sunday School teachers, pastors, students, and laymen who want to know the background of a passage they are reading or studying.