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RCMI School of Ministry

We offer two forms of ministry training:

RCMI-SOM (Online Bible Training)

Online Bible Training (Tuition Based) in conjunction with Vision ITEN

Just click on the link below to enroll online and select your courses.



RCMI School of Ministry (on the field)

Pastor/Leader Training in various villages in the nations we minister in each year.  More information about this program is near the bottom of this  web page.


The RCMI School of Ministry provides Pastor/Leader Training on the mission field. We offer a number of one session courses as well as several series. Below are a sampling of some of the courses we offer on the field.  Our courses can be taken individually or in a series.  This training is at no cost to the indigenous pastors and their churches due to the generosity of our supporters.

Pastoral Leadership (A series of courses)
Church Leadership (A series of courses on Lay Leadership)
EMPOWER: Lay Leadership (one of the courses in the series)
Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Uniquely You Workshops (D.I.S.C. profiles with spiritual gifts)
Mission Preparation Workshops
Witnessing Effectively to Cults

and more courses in the near future

Upon completion of a class, a class completion certificate is presented to the participants.

Upon completion of an entire series, and attending a certain number of class hours, such as Pastoral Leadership, a special Certificate of Completion is presented to the participant such as is displayed below.