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We see a need to touch lives in our local communities and certain spiritually needy areas around the USA such as the Rio Grande in Texas and Indian Reservations in Oklahoma.



With Mexico being our next door neighbor to the south, we see a need to be part of what is happening there. There are ministries in Mexico that we partner with, including Dayspring Ministries (www.dayspring.us) and Jesse & Jenny Narvarro’s ministry (www.kingskidsorphanage.com). We also send thousands of pounds of clothing, supplies and equipment to Mexico with various other missionaries who pick up from our mission base here in Texas.


Belize, a popular tourist destination for Americans and people from all over the world, is located directly south of Mexico. However, most tourists never see the real Belize where the real Belizeans live. Belize is the only English speaking Latin American country. Belize is one of the poorest countries in Latin America where there is a great need economically and spiritually.  Many still live in huts without running water. There are great opportunities to be Jesus to these wonderful people and share the love of Christ with them.   Come join us!


Guatemala is directly south of Belize and is home to people of many different ethnic backgrounds and languages. They are beautiful people with great needs. Every March we plan to lead a team to Guatemala for a Medical Campaign in partnership with Living Water Teaching (www.lwtusa.org) located in the USA at Caddo Mills, TX with a mission base in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Plan to join us next March on this important mission!