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About Refuge CMI

“And in His Name will be the HOPE of all the world.” Matthew 12:21 NLT

Welcome to Refuge Christian Ministries International

Refuge Christian Ministries International’s theme is “Training Pastors & Leaders…Giving Hope to the Hopeless!”  In the first 10 years of our ministry, our focus was on the 4-14 Window (children).  While children still are the heart of our ministry, we also minister in many other ways, as you will see as you travel through this website.  Refuge CMI accomplishes this great task in a  number of ways including:

Sharing the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ at every opportunity

Providing outreach to the needy

Training national workers to teach, preach, and help their own people more effectively.

This is done with direct hands on ministry and through partnerships with other ministries and organizations; both here and around the world.   All of this happens through the prayers and financial support of those who believe in what we are doing for the Kingdom of God.  Thank you for your support!

“And in His Name will be the HOPE of All the Nations!”  –  Matthew 12:21 (NLB)